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Divine Rays Spiritual Hub is a powerful spiritual & wellness network, born of the frequency of love, compassion, and oneness; uniting community and teams of spiritual people to provide transformation and results through education, wisdom, healing, enlightenment, inspiration, empowerment & community on your spiritual & wellness journey. The hub is your Key of Light - a spiritual gift that allows you to open the door to your fullest potential - your own higher purpose and destiny. Here, you will be empowered to heal, grow and succeed.

Unlock Transformation & Results In Your Spiritual Growth

We’ve created a rich and connective community, an environment and community in which you can meet and build relationships with other like minded people, on the path to results and transformation in your lives that you’re not able to get on your own.

Our mission is to unlock a community of millions where our members can come together around their interest, purpose, goal, lifestyle and approach, that is their spirituality and wellness. This community is here to help you all realise your fullest potential.

The community we’ve created is inspirational. We are creating together, the absolute most profound platform for people to come together around spirituality and wellness. We’ve designed and sculpted a new culture. A culture that allows you to unlock results and transformation from:

  • the content that inspires and influences your life, introducing new ideas and frameworks,

  • the workshops and masterclasses to educate and apply, helping people to go deeper and begin to apply new ideas,

  • the ‘paid for’ platform element of the platform, to help you focus and prioritise your spiritual goals, because you pay attention to what you pay for and this speeds up the transformation

  • the power of community to help you embrace and scale. Ideas and ideals become real through your motivations , perspectives, relationships, daily practices and invitations.


You may be newly spiritually awakened and on a path of self discovery and healing, interested in self exploration and soul connection to achieve a greater understanding of who you are, why you think, feel and behave the way you do, and how you are connected to the universe. Or, you may be further along your journey, wishing to progress your spiritual wisdom and expansion, perhaps feeling a calling to serve others on their spiritual paths. You may be a lightworker, spiritual business owner, healer, mentor or spiritual teacher. Whichever stage you are at, the hub will speak to you and awaken the power of the Divine within you. 

It's no coincidence that you are here....Awaken to Who You Are, let go of limiting beliefs about what is possible for you and let your soul lead the way. 

Join our community and start to unlock your results and transformation today!

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Your Hosts

Rachel Vanhinsbergh

Rachel is a qualified Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach, Mindfulness Therapist, Reiki 2 and Angelic Energy Healing Practitioner. Her business, Happy in the moment, is a fully registered training college, providing accredited, certified and professional courses in Angel Energy Healing. Rachel’s purpose, aim and mission is to help people connect to their own spirituality, to learn about spirituality and spiritual topics, to implement spirituality into their everyday lives and to live in alignment with their highest selves. Part of her spiritual path, this lifetime, involves channeling, communicating and sharing the higher guidance from angels. She has a unique flair for combining contemporary spirituality and metaphysics with everyday psychology and she delivers that in a down to earth, authentic and easy to understand way.

Debbie Pike

Debbie is a professional international spiritual mentor and medium, who established Divine Angel Academy of Excellence to help people find their inner divinity and connection to their higher consciousness. At the age of 14 she saw Jesus on the cross, which changed her life forever. Debbie acclaims her gifts from an NDE in 2007 from a traumatic car accident. Since then, she has been able to communicate clearly with spirit, angels and her guide, Jesus. Her life's work is to link heaven and earth together through creative art, meditation, imagination and knowledge. To empower people to connect with the Angels and their inner divinity. 

Our Social Communities..

Divine Rays Spiritual Hub provides a free membership platform which gives you the maximum hands-on help and support for your spiritual and wellness journey. We also provide free community groups and support on social media- on facebook, instagram and tiktok.

 Here, you'll enjoy connecting to the hubs community, learning from spiritual gurus, get readings, check in on what's happening inside the hub and see some behind-the-scenes action!

The future is bright...

The hubs mission is to inspire millons of people to grow and ascend. We want to help people from all walks of life, in all corners of the world. As the hub grows, with your support, we intend to invest in, fund and develop:

  • spiritual schools for children,
  • retreats for spiritual refreshment and renewal,
  • events to inspire and facilitate transformation,
  • business and workplace training for integrating higher guidance into our world of work,
  • support for community projects which encourage oneness and planetary healing