Special Content From Our Key Contributors

Each week we search The Hub's archives for one piece of awesome content from our Key Contributors to gift you. This week, our lovely psychic artist, Sheila Moore, asks if these souls are here for you?

*Sheila Moore is one of the hub's key contributors. Sheila is a psychic artist and draws spirit who come through to her. Psychic art is a form of mediumship - these pictures could be of someone you have known, someone who is coming into your life or even a spirit guide. Is this person trying to contact you?

Portraits of Spirit

This gentleman (below) came through a few days ago. The word ‘Normandy’ was given. I feel that he would have been involved in either World War 1 or 2. Although he loved his family, he would spend time alone just daydreaming. He was , in fact, reliving moments experienced through war. There seems to be a sort of cloth around his neck which could indicate either an injury or a problem. Typical of men or his time he never spoke of those memories.

This young man (below) also had an army background. He came through a few weeks ago, also the date 1917. He was a ‘Bugler’ he played when the men marched and would have had more ornamental headwear, but I had to leave his head bare for some reason. He may have passed with a head injury. There is a photograph of him somewhere “kept with pride”. Obviously, a grandfather or Gt Grandfather

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