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    "Your heart will tell you whether to join The Hub"

    The Spiritual growth process is a journey of maturity towards inner blossoming. This isn’t a process to be rushed. It is a personal quest toward your fullest potential and therefore it requires patience, reflection and mindful exploration.

    In this fast paced world we live in, it is all too easy to bypass deeper spiritual transformation because we feel we’re simply too busy or too preoccupied with life to reconnect with our soul and take our evolution slowly. We satisfy our spiritual hunger with quick social media posts which promote fast paced passive learning and quick quotes. But some things just take time, and rushing our development can cause us to move one step forwards and two steps back.

    The hub is with you for the long term.

    The angels shared that the heart frequency and transmission of the hub will call to those who we can serve; Those who are open, willing and receptive to spiritual mentorship, those who wish to learn to develop the trust, courage, confidence and empowerment that is required to take responsibility for their own relationship to the universe- which is needed so that they can grow in soul wisdom through their life experiences. Your heart may empower you to know when to work with us, for how long and in what way. The transmission of your heart will give you a truthful assessment of your frequency with the frequency of the group. If your heart feels raised by the prospect of joining us, then it will be a spiritually constructive connection. If it feels diminished, then this group will not be so helpful for you. Hold your hand on your heart and ask for clear knowing and clear feeling with this prayer if you are in doubt:

    "I have gratitude now for the heart transmission that guides me through love into this group consciousness, if it can best serve my greatest good and my own divine destiny. I ask for protection, for clear knowing, insight, and clear feeling to guide me in this decision." xxx

  2. St Paul

    Saint Pauls role in the hub – New World Living within us, not amongst us!

    A Channelled Message from Saint Paul through Debbie Divine


     On the night when the North star was shining alongside the full moon, Saint Paul came to me, at 3am in the morning, explaining why he is connected to the hub and what his involvement is.

     As you look at the picture of Saint Paul that our lovely Sheila drew for us, he has the sign of Venus (meaning “bright morning star”) on his clothing, with the number 74. He made his involvement with the hub known in June 2022.

     A long way back in history, It was also in the month of June when Paul, once known by the name of Saul, set out on the road to Damascus. On that journey he experienced a transformation whereby he became a Christian and changed his name from Saul to Paul. He became a follower of Jesus.

     When Paul visited me in the night, he explained that he is the warrior and protector of the hub but he also wanted to elaborate on a few areas of the many religious and spiritual beliefs of this world and tie this in with my own conversation with Archangel Gabrielle:

     ‘Debbie, you have heard of the second coming of Christ?”

     “yes”, I replied

     “You remember your conversation with Gabrielle about communicating with our minds, but you was unclear what this meant?”

     “Indeed I do”, I said

    “Well, it’s time to enlighten you on the next phase of that message. Your job is to enlighten people to the knowledge that the light is within them. This is the Christ Consciousness, the higher consciousness we was referring to. You see, the ‘second coming’ isn’t Jesus walking around on the earth plane as many may imagine, it’s a ‘New World’, made up of our ability to communicate from within ourselves, using our Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta frequencies of higher consciousness. Each level allows us to move into different spheres of light and understanding.

     Additionally, sound can help us move into these fields quicker and that’s why we use meditation, gongs, and high frequencies. Symbols are used to allow us ways of accessing into portals, both heavenly and spiritual. The hub is formed to bring transmutation first, with Archangel Gabrielle and with the Cosmic Diamond, and then to bring purification, which in turn allows us to meet our masters and Jesus. This enables us to become one with whence we came from. United, unseparated from Our Creator, to a new world of divine love and light.

     There will be no need for intercession because we can communicate directly, telepathically and knowingly with one another. This process will require huge changes to take place and breaking down of old systems that have not served man well, that have caused this world much pain and anxiety. We can rebuild the new earth back to its former glory, loving and cherishing it as it once was. We will see new species and wonderful vibrant colours coming back to this world like never before.

     It will be a heaven on earth, one that we have wished for, but we must first destroy the evil, the monetary systems of greed and fraud and remove the swamps, the people draining the countries for their own personal gain. Man cannot be trusted to rule the earth, so power will restore back to whence it once was, those that are not pure of heart, truthful and kind will not be able to stay here, they will be removed, for they cannot be trusted to love one another as I have loved you, so our Lord has said.

    We must remove the toxic dark greed that has covered the world and restore it to its former glory when we cared for each other more than anything else. You will see this all come to pass. In the years ahead. Some may call this ‘Armageddon’ but it is just a changing of old ways for new to come into fruition. This will be a better life but for the better to come we have to endure some rain first.

     The hub will be a shelter, a support, a comfort to many through this time and a reassurance that progress is being made as each person evolves coming to know their guides and masters directly, allowing them to find true peace and happiness beyond understanding. People will be transforming before your very eyes, miracles will be happening and as scary as these times may feel, they are indeed very exciting too. There is nothing to fear, but much to rejoice.

     I must go unto my father now who hath sent me. Please inform the people that in these unsettled times all will be well.


    Number interpretation of the word 'LORD'

    L3 O6 R9 D4 (this word says so much!)

    369 the universal code add all the numbers added together with the letter D4 equals 22/4 - "believe and I'll ensure your security"

    Love, Light and Blessings,

    Debbie Divine 


  3. Humanities increasing collective anxiety over the financial climate


    Divine Rays Spiritual Hub is created under the direct guidance and supervision of the Angels, Guides and Masters that Debbie and I, along with several of you, our contributors, connect to. We spend many hours in communication with these beings, seeking their counsel and direction so that we can be sure to align the hub with their intentions for it.

     Since the hubs inception, the economic climate of our country has altered drastically. We have been concerned about the financial hardship this creates for people collectively and when we asked the angels for their stance on this, this is what they said:

     “There is a collective ‘release’ occurring. Humanity is going through an awakening and certain things in their lives are having to be released in order for new beginnings to emerge.

     Humanity is struggling with financial security, for themselves and for their families. As humanity, as a collective, learn to create a new beginning for their social and economic climates, they have to learn better ways than the old ways. The old financial structures have to dissolve and new ones will emerge as they become better and better at navigating the changes. Humanity is working towards establishing a solid foundation in the material world for a more secure and sustainable economic climate in the future. This will mean challenges, changes and losses. Humanity may find that they are losing some of the things around them but they must acknowledge and know that besides being physical beings, they are all incredibly resourceful spiritual entities.

     This is a necessary time for humanity, a time where old structures die and crumble to make way for the new and improved ones. But an anxiety ridden time for humanity also, as changes are rapid and unexpected for them.

     Archangel Michael, ‘The Emperor’ is with humanity at this time, with his sword of light, helping to release anything getting in the way of their rise in ascension.  He asks humanity not to get caught up in the chaos around them, but to bring steadiness, discipline and organisation, leadership and careful planning to their lives.

     The increasing collective anxiety is causing worry and distress for people. They find themselves brooding and waiting for a storm. They feel stuck in their present situations, without support. Yet their fears keep them trapped in perpetuating cycles. Habit and familiarity are compelling forces for human kind which keep them from hearing their intuition and dishonouring their genuine feelings. Humanity are being encouraged to let go of the thoughts and behaviours that no longer honour them so that they can walk away from the negativity of their world and towards greater collective happiness.

     But this is also a time for renewal and hope. The pain and trauma feel real but this time will pass and humanity can look forward to greater joy in their future. They will be free to move on from this collective anxiety. It is up to humanity to finish letting go of residual grief and open their lives to a new self-loving intention with joyous connections. The current conditions will transform for the better.

     The time is right for humanity to take advantage of the creative energy of this cycle they find themselves in. Where they were resistant to, or disbelieving of, the unlimited power they have, they will become awakened to this. They have the ability to change their external world as they open up to their inner world of eternal wisdom, talents and abilities. Humanity is being challenged to dig deep, find the confidence and courage to go within, making the most of this opportune cycle and the unlimited forces at their disposal.

     Where the worlds authority appears to be crumbling before our eyes, you as hosts of the hub, have the opportunity to offer leadership, logic, strength, wisdom and power and to inspire these qualities in others. Now is when you must lead and act to support communities in their lives and inner growth, so that they can reflect this into their outer worlds. Make your choices from a place of love, wisdom, rationality, logic and grace. Allow love to flow into the hub, into the lives of others. Open yourselves and your hearts to the higher vibrations and loving energy of the universe. Help others to resolve past issues, to forgive and open their hearts, to receive! Teach everyone to be all that they can be and to reach inside to the force within. The bright sparks of your energy will illuminate others and will ignite others spiritual journeys. And then new roads leading to greater love will be revealed.

     Souls will soar. New beginnings, ideas, revelations and exciting adventures await all involved in their personal and business lives. Creative endeavours, enthusiasm and positive energy and renewed spiritual strength will be at an all time high. The powerful force of spirit will flow through them. 

     Humanity will heal from emotional wounds and rewrite their personal stories. They will light up more brightly and experience more joy, laughter and play. Magic will unfold as synchronistic events lead them in new directions. Open communication and honesty will bring people together, allowing them to connect and grow together on a soul level. As humanity shifts, so too does Earth. And vice versa. You each shift into higher vibrations together. “

     It became even more clear that humanity are struggling with collective anxiety over their financial stability. We want to address this in the hub so that as many people as possible can access its loving energy without such a burden to their purses. 

     Therefore, we have been guided to reduce the membership fee of the hub temporarily to £15 per month, for the next 6 months. After 6 months, we will review the situation and see what guidance we receive. We won’t increase prices without letting our members know the guidance we receive. 

    We remain hopeful that the sparks of new beginnings will emerge for humanity soon. We’re with you and them every step of the way and we remain committed to your growth, your evolution and your hearts.

     Much Love, light and blessings to you all,

    Rachel & Debbie xxx

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    We were so delighted to see so many of you at our launch event on 2nd September. Thank you so much for joining us. Apart from the slight technical issues we had on facebook live (the audio was echoing so we shut it down!) we still enjoyed a fun and awe inspiring evening on zoom. Many of you received readings from our lovely contributors, Jackie Wrenn, the astrologer, and Ian Michael, the numbers guru! 

    Now that we're finally open, we're really looking forward to seeing you inside of the hub and growing the community. Much love to you all! 

    Rachel & Debbie

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    St Paul and The Hub- The Patron Saint of Spiritual Searcher's

    In August of 2022, weeks before The Hub was due to open it's doors, our lovely Contributor, Sheila Moore, an incredibly connected and gifted Psychic Artist, contacted us to say she was visited by a male spirit who felt very high vibrational and who had a message for The Hub. Sheila drew the male spirit and then arranged to visit Debbie at home so that we could establish who this visitor was and what his involvement was in the hub.

    Upon connecting with the Spirit, we established that it was Ascended Master, Saint Paul.

    Debbie has worked with Jesus, Archangel Gabrielle, Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, Mother Theresa,Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Princess Diana, and many more. And for the first time, she had the privilege to meet St Paul.

    It was Debbie's guide, Jesus, who informed Debbie of who he was. Debbie recalled the moment the introduction was made and said "When I told Sheila, both her and I received goosebumps!"

    St Paul proceeded to channel a message through debbie...

    "I am Saint Paul. I will be leading the development of the hub and the Divine consciousness that will change the vibration of Mother Earth. I am the gatekeeper to this process but I will lead with Jesus and the Archangels to help infuse love and divine light into the souls of those who join and learn.

    Just as I turned Christianity into a worldwide religion many years ago, it is time to turn Divine Consciousness into a Global collective intelligence, used on a day to day basis, as part of your own inner intelligence, connected to your inner divine light mission that connects directly to Global Source.

    I will help compose writings, teachings, affirmations, discussions and allow your spirits to soar like eagles as you access places you never thought possible. This is all achievable through the power of faith and divine love. These will cover areas such as frequencies, dimensions, multidimensionality, ESP and vibrations.

    For you all come from the same place, you are all awakening and responding to your calling. The hub is the catalyst to the Divine Consciousness Movement that takes us into the 21st Century. This is the unity of all countries and all nations under one Divine Light Source, Love.

    I look forward to guarding, guiding and working with those who choose to connect with me."

    Saint Paul, 30.08.2022

    Upon analysis of the numerical date, Divine Decoder, Michael, established that the number vibrates at "Love", "on a deep level". He said, "It is about lots of learning and teaching which will empower people through the word of love."

    Suffice to say that St Paul's support and guidance, along with Jesus and The Archangels, is a great honour for the Hub and we continue to connect with him regularly along with the other divine guides to continue the good work of the Hub.

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    The Great Cosmic Diamond

    When Debbie died following her car crash in 2007,  she was met by the Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel told her that part of her purpose when she returned was to help humanity understand that the greatest power they possess is the diamond within them – love.  Gabriel washed Debbie with her diamond white light, infusing Debbie with her peace and love, before she was returned to her body. Gabriel has been a part of Debbie ever since, an aspect of her divine consciousness remained imprinted on Debbie’s heart.

    Gabriel impressed upon Debbie that the diamond must be used in the hubs logo.

    Archangel Gabriel is the keeper of the great cosmic diamond. He is a pure white Archangel who emanates the pure white angelic rays. He represents the higher aspects of purity held within the hearts of human kind and he is overseeing the purification of the planet as well as all of its inhabitants. The diamond purifies and clears the old with its sharp edged power and provides clarity of higher dimensions, clearing you of all negative energies and helping you to reach higher levels of ascension.

    Archangel Gabriels twin flame is Archeia Hope. She is the rainbow rays glimmering within the facets of the diamond. Her rays helps to inspire hope, faith in possibilities and trust in your heart and in the greater plan. She provides opportunities and opens new doors on your path.

    The diamond in our logo represents the overarching missions of the hub – purifying and releasing the old and helping you to ascend; inspiring you to feel hope, explore possibilities and trust in your heart and the divine plan for your life. Together, Gabriel and Hope have infused the cosmic diamond clarity into the matrix of the hub. They will clear the clutter around your challenging situations so that you can see the higher perspectives and opportunities for growth.