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The Great Cosmic Diamond

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The Great Cosmic Diamond

When Debbie died following her car crash in 2007,  she was met by the Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel told her that part of her purpose when she returned was to help humanity understand that the greatest power they possess is the diamond within them – love.  Gabriel washed Debbie with her diamond white light, infusing Debbie with her peace and love, before she was returned to her body. Gabriel has been a part of Debbie ever since, an aspect of her divine consciousness remained imprinted on Debbie’s heart.

Gabriel impressed upon Debbie that the diamond must be used in the hubs logo.

Archangel Gabriel is the keeper of the great cosmic diamond. He is a pure white Archangel who emanates the pure white angelic rays. He represents the higher aspects of purity held within the hearts of human kind and he is overseeing the purification of the planet as well as all of its inhabitants. The diamond purifies and clears the old with its sharp edged power and provides clarity of higher dimensions, clearing you of all negative energies and helping you to reach higher levels of ascension.

Archangel Gabriels twin flame is Archeia Hope. She is the rainbow rays glimmering within the facets of the diamond. Her rays helps to inspire hope, faith in possibilities and trust in your heart and in the greater plan. She provides opportunities and opens new doors on your path.

The diamond in our logo represents the overarching missions of the hub – purifying and releasing the old and helping you to ascend; inspiring you to feel hope, explore possibilities and trust in your heart and the divine plan for your life. Together, Gabriel and Hope have infused the cosmic diamond clarity into the matrix of the hub. They will clear the clutter around your challenging situations so that you can see the higher perspectives and opportunities for growth.

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