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We are delighted to offer Divine Rays Spiritual & Wellness Hub to you for FREE. You do not have to pay to join us! The majority of the hub is free to access, including:


  • The Spiritual & Wellness topics library content - an endless variety of posts, articles and content on your favourite spiritual & wellness topics
  • Community activity feed, spiritual & wellness chat, topics forums & messages
  • Community & Contributor blogs, articles, mini- masterclasses & posts
  • Some Live Events
  • Live weekly distant/remote Usui Reiki and Energy Healing
  • The Directory, What's on & The Shop
  • The Spiritual & Wellness Chat Show & Interviews

In-Hub Investments!

For those of you who would like to uplevel your development & growth and to enjoy more in-depth content, we have spiritual & wellness purchasable content for you to invest in inside of the hub, on a wide variety of mind, body and spirit related topics. These include courses, masterclasses, workshops, ticketed events & challenges!!!

The hub provides:


The hub provides education. Education is an important part of our soul’s development at this time. We are being called to expand our horizons as part of our soul’s path and education propels our soul’s personal evolution. Through the hub, you will experience letting go of limiting beliefs, opening your minds and trusting in your heart as you are lead in new directions. It acts as a spiritual growth spurt and forward leap on your path of awakening, growth, healing and ascension, supporting you every day on your spiritual journey by combining everyday psychology, with contemporary spirituality. The hub provides opportunities for you to expand your horizons and uplevel in awareness and consciousness, supporting you to apply your higher knowledge, wisdom and values and live your path, so that your own unique spirituality can be expressed and lived. It gives you tools, methodology, information, knowledge, learning and wisdom that you need for your spiritual growth journey through life It is the perfect educational platform that will enhance your life in unexpected and rewarding ways.

Awakening & Ascension

We are experiencing personal ascension as we progress through our own spiritual paths – from spiritual awakening to discovery to soul embodiment and mastery- and this is all happening at the same time as Mother Earth herself ascends. The reality is that we are all ascending, because we have an in-built drive to move ourselves forward. We just cant help it - at our core we are creation. We seek to grow.  We are learning as a human race, as a collective, that in order to grow and ascend and move beyond our limitations and fears, we need to blend our psychology with spiritual law and energy. 

The hub helps you to awaken to Who You Are, what you want, what is most important to you and how to achieve it. It acts as a catalyst for seeing the world in a different way; through your souls eyes. It supports you in trusting in your inner guidance so that your soul can lead the way. The hub is your guiding light and inspiration, a powerful, supportive network that helps you to release and be empowered, connecting you consciously with your own heart so that you can ascend and be fully present with your higher self.

Spiritual Teams

The hub is supported and guided by Source, Angels, Ascended Masters and loved ones in Spirit. These ethereal beings make up a Divine Spiritual Team who connect you to the spiritual realms as a source of love and strength and to provide help, guidance, wisdom, and support. They continuously pour love into the hearts of everyone involved and enable you to experience peace, love and deep connection with your true self and the universe

The hub’s earthly spiritual team stands by the side of you all throughout your journey, providing a safe and loving space to explore life, whatever you are going through. They support you in building the strength and awareness needed to find your way through adversities and address all of your challenges. And then there is the hubs membership community who provide the support of a other like-minded spiritual seekers. You can connect with them through the hubs direct messaging facility and the forum threads, the lives and classes. You can connect with people in your area, create meet-ups and hubs around the country – either virtually or in-person. You're never on your own on your journey. This is an entire spiritual network of support.


The Hub provides many different perspectives and viewpoints on life through which you can see specific situations. This allows you to practice seeing and understanding life from a higher perspective, enabling you to let go of limiting beliefs about what is possible for you. The hub alleviates negativity, reconnects you to optimism and encourages brightness and hope, even in tough times. Perception creates reality and as your perceptions shift, so too does your reality. The hub impacts the way you see life and the world in general, helping you to reach new levels of awareness.


To change your situation, you have to work from the inside out. All of the answers to all of your challenges and issues are within you. Rather than working to change your outer world, true change happens when you change the energy you are sending out. The hub helps you to change your world from within so that you can change your outer world as well. Doing the inner work through the hub’s offerings will see you create a newer, happier reflection for yourself so that you can steadily make your way to the light of a happy new start

Free Membership gets you all this!!!

A hub for all

From the newly spiritual awakened to the spiritually advanced, from the self development enthusiast to the spiritual entrepreneur, the members hub has got you covered! No matter where you are on your journey, the hub provides education and learning on a huge variety of contemporary spiritual topics and offers content from a vast range of spiritual, wellness and holistic practitioners. It meets you wherever you are on your spiritual path. And let's not fail to mention that the hub has a comprehensive directory for connecting you to the next steps on your path as well as on-the-go messaging facilities to connect you to other members in your community for support.

Spiritual topics library

Your free membership gives you access to the huge Spiritual Topics Library which is bursting with information, articles, discussion posts and freebies for a wide variety of spiritual topics. Here, you can increase your knowledge of the topic you're interested in and get involved with sharing and connecting to the community by contributing to the feeds in these topics.

Exclusive Monthly Content

As well as all of the content in the huge spiritual topics library, new and exclusive free content will be uploaded to the hub every month. You'll find a schedule at the beginning of every month that details the month's free and purchasable coaching workshops, spiritual workshops, courses, live mediumship readings, development circles, meditations, interviews, resources and much more, from Debbie and Rachel and also from other expert practitioners and teachers. What's more, you'll have lifetime access to all previous month’s content, on-demand!

Channelled & Guided Meditations

Spiritual, mindful and focussed meditation are absolutely essential for the spiritual and personal development journey. Delivered by Debbie, Rachel and other contributors, you will never be short of free guided meditations to listen to for a wide range of topics and abilities. 

Mini Masterclasses

Spiritual and wellness mini masterclasses cover and explore a variety of spiritual topics and philosophies. You'll find pre-recorded mini masterclasses for free inside of the hub, as well as more in depth masterclasses that are purchasable. 

Distant/Remote Usui Reiki & Healing

Four times a month all of our members will receive distant, remote Usui Reiki sessions,  for free, all delivered by our Master Teacher Healer, Tony. In addition, we have many healing contributors who are ready and waiting to send you energy healing and sound healing in their monthly sessions. 


There's nothing more fascinating or inspiring than learning about other peoples journeys. You will have access to free interviews with spiritual, wellness and holistic practitioners and experts as well as with like-minded spiritual souls who have amazing stories and wisdom to share. 

Spiritual Chat Show

Heart & Soul Sisters chat show brings you a monthly panel of inspiring people discussing the hottest topics in the spiritual and wellness world. Think 'loose women' but for spirituality and wellness! A free feature that is not to be missed! 


Spiritual Mastermind Group

Our spiritual and wellness journey is unique, and sometimes, it’s also lonely. But it doesn’t have to be. Many are the times that you hit a block and have no one to turn to, but not anymore. Joining our free online mastermind group is the answer. The mastermind group allows you to connect with fellow spiritual souls pursuing similar goals and help you to build a support network that you can look to for guidance.

The Directory

The hub's free directory has two purposes. If you're looking for a local spiritual or holistic practitioner, an event workshop or circle, then this is the place to find them. As a spiritual or holistic business owner or entrepreneur, you can advertise your business, offerings and events here and even become featured as our practitioner of the month! Find out more on our contributors page if you would love to join us and enjoy all of the benefits.

Contributors Content

The hub is all about connection, collaboration and community. We work closely with our contributors to provide a wide range of free and purchasable content for you covering a broad spectrum of spiritual and wellness interests. From healers, to mediums, to counsellors, and astrologers, the hub is bursting with additional expert content likes blogs, articles and masterclasses.

Meet some of our regular contributors on the contributors page. If you would love to get involved as a contributor, to become part of a supportive, growing community of spiritual people and to make a real difference to peoples lives and growth, please do check out our contributors page for more info and for all of the benefits of joining us.

The Shop

We fully support local crafters and suppliers of spiritual, holistic and wellbeing products. The hubs shop provides details of our members and contributors products and services and offers links to their shops where they can be purchased.

What's On

Be in the know about all of the local in-person and online events that our members and contributors are talking about. Find events that are happening in your area and advertise events that you're hosting or supporting. 

Chat, Forums and Member Location Services

Free powerful community features allow you to chat with other like-minded members through in-app messaging services. You'll also be able to find other members who may live near you so that you can arrange local in-person meet-ups if you would like to. Our forums allow you to share conversations, posts, photos and videos on an endless list of spiritual and wellness topics. 

In-Hub Content to Invest In...

For those of you who would like to uplevel your development & growth and to enjoy more in-depth content, we have spiritual & wellness purchasable content for you to invest in inside of the hub, on a wide variety of mind, body and spirit related topics. These include courses, masterclasses, workshops, ticketed events & challenges!!! 

Mediumship Training LIVE

Each of us has the ability to connect to the world of spirit and angels. World class angelic and spirit communicator, Debbie Divine, helps you safely and lovingly on your magical journey to train your mediumship skills so that you can concentrate on communicating with angels and loved ones who have passed into the spirit world in these exclusive monthly classes. You may just find out that you have gifts you never knew you had! 

Spiritual & Psychic Development Group LIVE

Spiritual awakening and growth is an essential part of our journey in this lifetime. Through these monthly spiritual and psychic development classes, Spiritual Life Coach, Rachel Vanhinsbergh, will be supporting you in trusting in your inner guidance so that your soul can lead the way. You will learn how to develop your own individual spirituality and awaken your psychic abilities and self healing capacities. 

Reading & Healing LIVE Sessions

Each month either Debbie or a special guest reader will be guided to read for individuals who attend, to give either psychic messages or direct mediumship messages from departed loved ones. Rachel will be guided to deliver physical and emotional Angelic Reiki healing for individuals who attend. 

Courses, Masterclasses, Workshops & More!

For those of you who love to invest in your growth and development, the hub has more in-depth content for your spirituality and wellness journey. The hub provides purchasable courses, workshops, masterclasses, pre-recorded masterclasses, live events and challenges, all geared towards helping you achieve your desired outcomes. 

Power Meditations

These live, guided meditations, delivered each month inside of the hub, act as catalysts for deep healing, shifts and transformations. They have the ability to cultivate great growth and expansion for you on your spiritual and wellness journey and there's always plenty of time to feedback and chat through your experiences. 

Full Moon Circle

The full moon is the perfect time to release and let go. In this beautiful monthly circle we unite and get reflective on how our life is flowing. We perform powerful rituals for releasing and letting go with the energy of the full moon and the angels, to help us transmute the old and misaligned. 


New Moon Manifestation Circle

The new moon is the perfect time to set those dreams and desires into action. Each month, we draw on the energy of the new moon and alongside the angels, and with the support of the rest of the group holding the intention for you, we supercharge your manifestations, supporting you in your growth and expansion into your most abundant self. 

Download the app!

Our membership hub gets even more exciting! You will have access to ALL of the membership content (including all of the previous months contents!), all of the spiritual topics library, the directory, and you'll be able to connect with other members of the community, all through our very own app!!! You will be able to access it all on-the-go, wherever you are in the world, at any time of the day or night. 

You’ll also be able to create your very own user profile and share your social and website links so other members can find your work and connect with you. You’ll be able to private message other members and the hosts through the app and access the forums to discuss your favourite topics and ask any questions you have. The app is available to download on iOS and Android. 

Is it calling to you?

The Spiritual growth process is a journey of maturity towards inner blossoming. This isn’t a process to be rushed. It is a personal quest toward your fullest potential and therefore it requires patience, reflection and mindful exploration.

In this fast paced world we live in, it is all too easy to bypass deeper spiritual transformation because we feel we’re simply too busy or too preoccupied with life to reconnect with our soul and take our evolution slowly. We satisfy our spiritual hunger with quick social media posts which promote fast-paced passive learning and quick quotes. But some things just take time, and rushing our development can cause us to move one step forwards and two steps back.

The hub is with you for the long term.

The angels shared that the heart frequency and transmission of the hub will call to those who we can serve; those who are open, willing and receptive to spiritual mentorship, those who wish to learn to develop the trust, courage, confidence and empowerment that is required to take responsibility for their own relationship to the universe - which is needed so that they can grow in soul wisdom through their life experiences.
Your heart may empower you to know when to work with us, for how long and in what way. The transmission of your heart will give you a truthful assessment of your frequency with the frequency of the group. If your heart feels raised by the prospect of joining us, then it will be a spiritually constructive connection. If it feels diminished, then this group will not be so helpful for you. Hold your hand on your heart and ask for clear knowing and clear feeling with this prayer if you are in any doubt:

"I have gratitude now for the heart transmission that guides me through love into this group consciousness, if it can best serve my greatest good and my own divine destiny. I ask for protection, for clear knowing, insight, and clear feeling to guide me in this decision."

What Our Contributors Are Sharing...

Such an abundant amount of information. A totally new arena for growth. I have never come across anything like this is the States. You can find bits and pieces of information, but nothing so succint in one place. Thank you so much.

DeeAuna LaMare


I'm so happy to be here. I feel my purpose now is to help people with their ascension - whatever form that takes. I love learning new things and meeting new people so this is the perfect place to be!

Sue Lee


The hub fills me with such joy and excitement on such a calm level! Since allowing myself to open up and feel and encourage what I've held back for lack of understanding, I can already feel shifts in the way I react and respond and even communicate with people.

Rebecca Futter


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Lifetime Access

Our spiritual journey is not always linear! This membership structure gives you the opportunity to dip in and out of your learning. As one of my clients expressed recently:

"I have so many stresses and challenges in my life that I find I just keep ‘dropping out’ of spirituality and personal growth for a while. I'm just trying to get through my life! But then after a couple of weeks or months, when the dramas pass, I find I want to go back into it and pick it up again, but then I dont know where to start, I feel like I'm back to square one! I feel like I've then missed too many workshops and so much learning."

The great news is that this membership gives you lifetime access to ALL of the monthly spiritual content and ALL of the spiritual library. You wont miss a thing and if you fall off your spiritual bandwagon, you can just jump right back on it easily. This membership has been perfect for past clients and it will be perfect for you too!

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'Refer a Friend' Reward Program

As a member of the hub you will automatically be enrolled in our Ambassador program, where you can earn recognition and rewards for referring new members to join us and helping us to spread the word.

When you send an email invite or share your unique personal invite link, you'll automatically get credit for the people who join because of you. The more people you refer, the faster you’ll be recognized and rewarded in our community as an Ambassador.

Your rewards are beautiful, unique gifts, handpicked especially by your hosts and sent to you at home with love. 

*Please note that posted ambassador gifts are only eligible to those in the UK


Need more info?

It is an online subscription membership club for spiritual and self development enthusiasts, helping you to integrate your spiritual light with your psychology and mindset for deeper transformations. It is designed to help you connect to your spirituality and expand your consciousness, meeting you at whatever level you're at on your spiritual journey. 

Then it will be there waiting for you whenever you want to go back to it! ALL of the content stays in the groups library for you to go back to at any time. There's no need to miss a thing and no time limits to access the content. 

Everything is in the membership platform and app! You just log in and you can access everything — for the current month AND all previous months. You can access the Membership site from your computer, tablet or smartphone. All live sessions will be delivered on Zoom and log in details for these sessions will be posted and delivered through the app. Anything you miss will be recorded for you to watch back whenever you want. Plus you can join our private Facebook group to share content on facebook, ask questions, share your insights and have fun!

Divine Rays Spiritual Hub is open and accessible to everyone around the world. If you miss a live session, workshop or event the re-play will be available in the membership feed for you to access at anytime.

When you have joined and become a member of the members club, to get the iOS or Android app, go to 'Your Settings', and 'text yourself the app'. Alternatively, download the Mighty Networks app from the Apple App or Google Play Stores, search for Happy In The Moment Members Club, and sign in again (you must already of joined the club on your desktop or PC to do this)

Please do feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions or billing questions and I’ll aim to get back to you as soon as possible with an answer!